ECHA adds a new substance of very high concern to the Candidate List
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Helsinki, 20 June 2016, ECHA has added one new SVHC (Benzo[def]chrysene) to the Candidate List. Up to now, the Candidate List of substances of very high concern (SVHCs) for authorisation contains 169 substances.
The information for the new substance as below:

#Substance nameEC numberCAS numberReason for inclusionExamples of use(s)

200-028-550-32-8Carcinogenic (Article 57a)
Mutagenic (Article 57b)
Toxic for reproduction (Article 57c)
PBT (Article 57d)
vPvB (Article 57e)
Normally not manufactured intentionally but may occur as a constituent or impurity in other substances.
The Candidate List is a list of substances that may have serious effects on human health or the environment. Substances on the Candidate List are also known as "substances of very high concern". The aim of publishing such a list is to inform the general public and industry that these substances are candidates for possible inclusion in the Authorisation List. Once they are on the Authorisation List, industry will need to apply for permission to continue using the substance after the sunset date.
Companies may have legal obligations resulting from the inclusion of the substance in the Candidate List. These obligations may apply to the listed substance on its own, in mixtures or in articles. In particular, any supplier of articles containing a Candidate List substance above a concentration of 0.1% (weight by weight) has communication obligations towards customers down the supply chain and consumers. In addition, importers and producers of articles containing the substance have six months from the date of its inclusion in the Candidate List (20 June 2016) to notify ECHA.
C&K Testing advises related businesses should send their products for testing to identify whether their products contain SVHCs.