Free Webinar: The Reformed Chinese FCM Legislation(GB 4806) and Its Solutions For Compliance
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In China, food contact materials and articles are regulated under the "Food Safety Law of the People's Republic of China", which implemented on 1 June 2009. This law prohibits the import, use, or purchase of food-related products (including food packaging materials) which don’t comply with the applicable Chinese Food Safety Standards released by the Chinese Ministry of Health (MOH). In reality, products that fail to comply with this regulation will be withdrawn or even destroyed as this legislation is mandatory.

China National Health and Family Planning Commission (NHFPC) launched the work for the conformity of national standards as regards food safety in May 2014. The reformed Chinese regulatory framework of FCMs gradually takes shape along with the publication of new standards. The newly released standards as regards FCMs can be divided into general standards, product standards and testing methods.

In November 2016, NHFPC issued two general standards GB 4806.1 for general safety requirements and GB 9685 for the use of additives, 11 product standards covering rubber nipples (effective on 22 September 2016), enamel articles, ceramic articles, glass articles, plastic resins, plastic articles, paper and paper board, metal materials, coatings, rubber materials and articles. Meanwhile, the requirements for bamboo, wood, adhesives, composite materials, inks, lubricants, textile fires are still under discussion. Notably, these product standards (excluding GB 4806.2 for rubber nipples) under the new China FCMs regulatory framework - came into force on 19 Apr, 2017.




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20th April, 2018


Ian Heung

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Main Contents

- Overview of framework of the reformed Chinese FCM regulation. Requirements on Enamelware, Ceramic Ware and Glass Products
- Requirements on food contact metal materials and articles
- Requirements on Food Contact Paints and Coatings
- Requirements on Plastic Resin used in Food-contact, Plastic Materials and Articles.
- Requirements on Nipple, Food Contact Rubber Materials and Articles


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