IMDS Service
IMDS Service

The IMDS (International Material Data System) is a database system for parts and materials in the automotive industry. IMDS stores and maintains all relevant material information used in the automotive manufacturing process. Only in this way can the obligations imposed on car manufacturers and their suppliers by national and international standards, laws and regulations be fulfilled.

The CAMDS is China Automotive Material Data System, which is jointly developed by China Automotive Technology Research Center and 15 Chinese automobile manufacturers. With the help of the CAMDS system, parts suppliers can complete the reporting and submission of parts and components products of vehicle manufacturers, clarify the use of basic substances and materials of parts and components, and conduct unified classification management of the reported products, and complete the information management of each link and each level of products in the auto parts supply chain in the auto industry.

Both IMDS and CAMDS are data collection and reporting tools widely used in the automotive industry chain. IMDS is an international automotive material data reporting system, while CAMDS tends to provide localized services for the domestic automotive industry. In order to fully serve the enterprises in the automobile industry chain, CIRS C&K Testing introduced the CAMDS service module on the basis of the IMDS service project. Whether you are a company that is new to IMDS/CAMDS, or a manufacturer suffering from incomplete material information on automotive materials, our IMDS/CAMDS service will solve your problems.

IMDS/CAMDS "turnkey" service

You only need to provide basic IMDS/CAMDS information, needn’t to log in to the relevant website, and needn’t to do any relevant training, CIRS C&K Testing can help you complete the material data sheet (MDS) report required by IMDS/CAMDS, saving time and effort.

IMDS/CAMDS training

1. Course training of case teaching method

The dual system training courses of IMDS and CAMDS bring you the most efficient training experience, one training, double harvest.

2. Comprehensive material collection skills training

In response to the problem that it is difficult for enterprises to obtain material material information, C&K Testing combines our independently developed HENZ system and its huge material material database to provide enterprises with training content supported by material material data, and tell you how to enrich your material data information.

3. Perfect and efficient after-sales tracking

What should I do if the IMDS system is upgraded, and what should I do if the contents of the CAMDS system are forgotten? As long as you are our trainee, you will continue to enjoy the free consultation and assistance of IMDS/CAMDS.

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