Industrial Solutions
CIRS C&K Testing Officially Opens its New Toxicology Laboratory
Hangzhou CIRS C&K Testing Technology Co., Ltd. officially inaugurated its new toxicology laboratory in August. Located in the Tianhe High-tech Industrial Park in the Binjiang District of Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, this lab is to provide toxicological tests and research services to industries such as cosmetics, medical devices, health products, specialty foods, and pharmaceuticals.
ECHA Proposes to Add 1 SVHC Substance to Candidate List
On June 7, 2024, ECHA proposed adding O,O,O-triphenyl phosphorothioate (CAS: 597-82-0) to the EU's list of Substances of Very High Concern.
China RoHS Adds Four New Phthalate Restrictions
On June 29, 2024, the State Administration for Market Regulation (Standardization Administration of the People's Republic of China) issued the "Announcement on the Approval and Release of 109 National Standards and 4 National Standard Amendments" (National Standard Announcement [2024] No. 14), hereinafter referred to as the "Announcement". The content of the Announcement includes: No.1 amendment to GB/T 26572-2011 "Requirements of Concentration Limits for Certain Restricted Substances in Electrical and Electronic Products", which is a supporting measure for China RoHS. The amendment includes the addition of restrictions on phthalate substances. This amendment will officially come into effect on January 1, 2026.
The Candidate List of SVHCs Adds 1 Substances, Updated to 241
The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) has officially announced the 31st batch of 1 substances of very high concern (SVHC), bringing the total number of substances on the SVHC list (also known as the Candidate List) to 241.
The "National Standards for Pet Supplies" are Implemented
China has officially issued the new national standard for pet supplies, "Safety Technical Requirements for Companion Animal (Pet) Supplies" GB/T 43839-2024. This is not only the first national standard for pet supplies in our country but also a responsible commitment to pets and pet lovers. It will officially start a new chapter in pet supply safety from October 1st of this year. This standard applies to the manufacturing, sale, and safety evaluation of pet supplies.
Why Choose CIRS C&K Testing
Globalized Service Resources
With its Headquarter in Hangzhou, China and subsidiaries in Ireland, South Korea, USA, Britain, Beijing and Nanjing, CIRS C&K Testing is able to provide globalized services to clients.
Sound Laboratory Construction
CIRS C&K Testing owns several professional laboratories, including Chemical Analysis Laboratory, Microbiology Laboratory, Efficacy Evaluation Laboratory, Toxicology Laboratory, etc.
Rich Industrial Experience
Deeply rooted in the industry for more than 16 years, CIRS C&K Testing provided its technical services to over 15,000 enterprises, including 60+ Top 500 enterprises.
International Elite Team
The technical team comprises of over 100 technical staffs, including products regulations experts, risk assessment experts, toxicologists, data analysis and software specialists.
One-stop Compliance Services
CIRS C&K Testing is able to provide one-stop compliance services across products fully life cycle, including compliance consulting, testing, product R&D, data services, etc., for multiple industries, such as cosmetics, consumer goods, medical devices, disinfectant products, chemicals, food, automotives.