Campus Safety Detection
Campus Safety Detection

School is a place where students study and teachers work. Students and teachers spend a long time school. From outdoor sports areas, campus air quality, to student uniforms, school supplies, tableware, etc., all aspects  are affecting the physical and mental health of teachers and students. As a professional third-party organization, CIRS C&K Testing has launched special campus safety services around school sports areas, plastic track, campus catering, student supplies, and campus environment, comprehensively identifying potential safety hazards in campus products and environmental quality, and guarding Campus safety, caring for the health of teachers and students.

CIRS C&K Testing provides one-stop services such as testing, consulting, and training of finished products and raw materials of plastic tracj, and can provide door-to-door sampling. It is one of the first third-party laboratories to obtain relevant qualifications.

Scope of Services

Related Standards

Testing of harmful substances in plastic track surface and raw materials

GB 36246-2018 "Sports areas with synthetic surfaces for primary and middle schools"

GB/T 14833-2011 "Synthetic materials track surface"

GB 18583 "Indoor decorating and refurbishing materials-Limit of harmful substances of adhesives"

Shanghai Group Standard T/SHHJ000003-2018 " Limit of harmful substances of synthetic surfaces for school sports areas "

Instructions for the construction of sports areas in colleges and universities in Zhejiang Province

Jiangsu Provincial Group standard “Standard for quality control of synthetic sports surfaces”

Shenzhen Engineering Construction Technical Specification " Standard for quality control of synthetic sports surfaces "

Shandong Province Local Standard Sports Areas Synthetic Material Surface Layer Raw Material Usage Specifications/Construction Requirements/Acceptance Requirements/Maintenance Requirements

Hunan Province, Hubei Province, Shaanxi Province, Heilongjiang and other provincial and municipal group standards or local standards 

Testing of harmful substances in synthetic material sports areas

Physical and mechanical properties testing of synthetic material sports areas

Artificial Turf Filling Particle Harmful Substance Testing

Professional on-site sampling service

Campus Dining Safety

The campus canteen provides meals for teachers and students, and its safety and hygiene quality is related to the safety and health of teachers and students. Through the testing of water quality, tableware, tableware and kitchen utensils, CIRS C&K Testing can effectively eliminate the threat to human health caused by inferior products and ensure the safety of teachers and students.

Scope of services

Testing standards

Direct drinking water quality safety testing

GB 5749 "Standards for Drinking Water Quality"

GB 4806.1 "General Safety Requirements for Food Contact Materials and Products"

GB 4806.7 "National Food Safety Standard - Food Contact Plastic Materials and Products"

GB 4806.9 "National Food Safety Standard - Metal Materials and Products for Food Contact"

GB 9685 "National Food Safety Standard - Standard for the Use of Additives for Food Contact Materials and Products"

GB 14934 "National Food Safety Standard - Disinfection of Dining (Drinking) Utensils"

GB 19790.1 "Disposable Chopsticks Part 1: Wooden Chopsticks", etc.

Student tableware testing

Canteen kitchen utensils, cooking utensils testing

Food Processing Machinery testing

Disinfection tableware testing

*For more on-campus tableware testing, see Food Contact Material Testing

Student Supplies

Poor-quality student supplies expose students to various chemical hazards. Through professional third-party analysis by CIRS C&K Testing, choosing safer and more secure products for students.

Testing scope

Testing items

Testing standards

Student uniforms, dormitory bedding

Formaldehyde content, decomposable carcinogenic aromatic amine dyes, pH value, peculiar smell, color fastness, flammability, cord, pilling, burst strength, breaking strength, seam strength, dimensional change rate after washing, appearance quality, etc.

GB 18401 "National general safety technical code for textile products"

GB 31701 "Safety technical code for infants and children textile products"

GB/T 31888 "School uniforms of primary and secondary students", etc.

Desks and chairs, office furniture

Formaldehyde emission, soluble lead, soluble chromium, soluble cadmium, soluble mercury content, etc.

GB 18584 "Indoor decorating and refurbishing materials Limit of harmful substances of wood based furniture", etc.

Teaching equipment such as projectors and copiers

Lead, cadmium, mercury, hexavalent chromium, polybrominated biphenyls, polybrominated diphenyl ethers, etc.

Measures for the Administration of Restricted Use of Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Products, etc.

This book, pen, eraser, school bag, pencil case and other student stationery

Migration of 8 heavy metals, dyes, chlorinated hydrocarbons, free formaldehyde, fabric formaldehyde content, benzene, toluene and xylene, total volatile organic compounds, etc.

GB 21027 "Request in common use of security for student's articles"

GB 8771 "Hygienic standard for lead content of pencil coating", etc.

Kindergarten purchasing toys

Migration of 8 heavy metals3, phthalates, small parts, sharp edges, sharp tips, abuse tests, other physical and mechanical properties, combustion properties, etc.

GB 6675 Series Toy Safety Standards

 *For more student supplies and toys testing, please refer to Toys, Stationery and Children's Products Testing

Indoor and Outdoor Environment

The indoor and outdoor air, water quality, soil and other environmental quality of the campus shall meet the standards to ensure the safety and health of the teaching, working and living environment.

Testing scope

Testing standard

Catering sewage and domestic wastewater testing

GB 8978 "Integrated wastewater discharge standard"

Ornamental water quality testing for ponds, fountains and others on campus

GB 3838 "Environmental Quality Standard for Surface Water"

Canteen catering oil fume testing

GB 18483 "Emission standard of cooking fume (Trial)"

Noise monitoring around campus

GB 22337 "Emission standard for community noise"

Expansion site environmental investigation and repair acceptance test


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