CE Battery Certification Service
CE Battery Certification Service


On August 18, 2023, the "EU Battery and Waste Battery Regulations" officially came into effect simultaneously in all member states. The regulations aimed at guiding the battery industry towards a more environmentally friendly and sustainable direction. The new battery regulations impose mandatory requirements for all types of batteries (except those used for military and aerospace purposes) placed on the EU market. It also entails a series of corporate obligations and requires companies to affix the CE mark through compliance assessment procedures.

To ensure that your battery products can smoothly enter the European market, we provide professional CE battery certification services. Whether you are a battery manufacturer, producer, importer, or distributor, we can offer comprehensive support to ensure your products comply with regulatory requirements.

Choice of CE Certification Compliance Assessment Mode

Module A - Internal Production Control (Self-Declaration)

Module A involves self-qualification assessment conducted by the manufacturer or its authorized representative, self-declaring compliance with relevant standards, and assuming full responsibility. Manufacturers need to prepare technical documentation and compliance declarations as required by the regulations and keep them for ten years after the battery products are placed on the market, promptly providing them upon official requests.

Module D1 - Production Process Quality Assurance

Module D1 mode requires periodic inspections of the company's production processes and final product controls by an EU third-party auditing body (NB agency) to ensure that the factory complies with regulatory standards and maintains consistency with product conformity tests. Manufacturers need to maintain a quality assurance system and apply for an NB agency's factory audit. In addition, they must prepare technical documentation and compliance declarations as required by the regulations. Technical documentation and compliance declarations should be kept for a minimum of ten years and provided promptly upon official requests.

Module G - Unit Verification

Module G mode involves NB agencies testing and inspecting individual products, issuing certificates for each product that has undergone inspection. Certificates are valid only for products that have undergone verification.

Documents Required for CE Certification

(a) General description of the battery and its intended use

(b) Conceptual designs and manufacturing drawings and plans for components, parts, and circuits

(c) Understanding of the drawings and plans mentioned in (b) and instructions and explanations necessary for battery operation

(d) Sample labels

(e) Harmonized standards, common specifications

(f) Standards or instructions for calculations, measurements, and verifications

(g) Calculation and inspection results, along with the technical or documentary evidence used

(h) Carbon footprint report

(i) Information on the share of recycled components

(j) Test reports

CE Certification service process

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