China Released the Inventory of Existing Toothpaste Ingredients in China
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On January 12, 2024, China released the Inventory of Existing Toothpaste Ingredients in China (Association Version). The list, which comprises 1026 ingredients, was compiled by the China Oral Care Industry Association based on the toothpaste ingredients recorded by the Association and with reference to the Inventory of Existing Cosmetic Ingredients in China (2021 Edition).


Currently, the Association has not yet systematically evaluated the safety of the ingredients within the List. Toothpaste product registrants should comply with relevant national laws and regulations when selecting ingredients from this List, and assume corresponding quality and safety responsibilities.


Under Cosmetics Supervision and Administration Regulations (CSAR), toothpaste products should be managed as ordinary cosmetics and are subject to filing.

In 2023, the Measures for Toothpaste Supervision and Administration and the Notice on Simplifying the Filing Documents Requirements for Marketed Toothpaste were released to further regulate the filing of cosmetic ingredients.

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