Composition Analysis
Composition Analysis

Composition analysis enables us to identify or quantify the concentration of a substances, multiple substances or unknown substances in a sample by utilising separation and analytical methods, which gives us a full picture of a sample.

Why Should We Do Composition Analysis?

Failure Analysis. Understanding the composition of products helps us to know the underlying issues of defective products for improvement.

Deformulation. It is a good approach to learn about the formulation of new products and then mimic the manufacturing of products.

R&D and Continuous Improvement. Comparing the composition of our products with that from a potential competitor or new vendor of the product provides support for R&D and continuous improvement.

Composition identification. It confirms the identity of a suspected material.

Our Services

Unknown Chemicals (raw materials/ intermediates/products)

Organic: hydrocarbons; alcohols, phenols, carboxylic acids, esters; aldehydes, ketones, quinones; halogenated compounds; heterocyclic compounds; aromatics; amino acids; proteins, nucleic acids

Inorganic: inorganic salts/ acids/ alkalis, oxides; elements

Unknown Solids/Liquids/Powders/Particles/Creams

Unknown substances in life or production, involving chemicals, food, drugs, auxiliaries; additives, cosmetics, fragrances, plastic granules, pigments

Unknown Foreign Substances and Impurities

Embedded foreign substances or irregular spots of electronics products; surface contaminants, leachables, oily/misty substances; plastics frost; yellowing and blacking of industrial products; chemical impurities and byproducts

Unknown Ores

Analysis of full ingredients in ores, such as nonferrous metal ores including tin ores, lead concentrates, bauxites, molybdenum ores, antimony ores, zinc ores and copper concentrates; ferrous metal ores ferromanganese ores.


Polymers (rubber, plastics), auxiliaries, organic solvents, inks, coatings, cleansers, surface treating agents, metal processing liquid, adhesives, water treatment agents, petrochemical, inorganic materials...

Knowing the cutting-edge technology to analyse unknown substances and boasting the most authoritative data for spectrum analysis, a group of technical R&D specialists from C&K Testing (95% master’s degree or above) have rich expertise in technical support and product R&D, undertake projects at national, provincial or municipal levels for years and render technical support for many Top 500 companies. C&K Testing offers a wide range of services including composition analysis, deformulation, analysis of unknown substance.

Please feel free to contact if any question. Staffed by experienced specialists, C&K Testing can assure you of the quality and safety of your products by our professional testing services as per different standards. 

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