Stationery Testing
Stationery Testing

GB 21027 Request in Common Use of Security for Student’s Articles provides for safety requirements, test methods, test rules, labels and instructions for use of stationery. The standard covers colour pigments, crayons, oil pastels, finger paints, plasticine, erasers, correction products (liquid, tapes and pens), adhesives, markers, exercise books, schoolbags, pencil boxes, sharpeners and other student’s articles.

Student’s articles testing include the following:

  • Migration testing for eight heavy metals (Sb, As, Ba, Cd, Cr, Pb, Hg and Se).
  • Hazardous substance testing;
  • Fabrics/accessories testing;
  • Dye testing (subject to GB 19601 Limit and Determination of 23 Harmful Aromatic Amines in Dye Products);
  • Physical testing (dimensions, sharp edges/points, etc.);
  • Other tests

Labelling: It shall be subject to the requirements set forth in GB 5296.5 GB 5296.5 Instructions for Use of Products of Consumer Interest—Part 5: Toys

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