We are Proud to Announce the Establishment of CIRS Kexin Biotech in Hangzhou
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On May 10, 2023, we celebrated the grand opening of CIRS Kexin Biotech.* It has taken more than one year of industrial surveys but we were proud to finally open the new company.

Ms. Lucy Li, President of CIRS Group, Mr. Walt Lin, General Manager of C&K Testing, Professor Jianxin Wu, from the China Pharmaceutical University as well as partners of CIRS Kexin Biotech attended the opening ceremony.

Mr. Walt Lin, General Manager of C&K Testing

With the establishment of Kexin Biotech, the CIRS Group has successfully expanded its services to the research and development (R&D) of cosmetic and daily care products. In the future, we will dig deep into the R&D of cosmetics, to provide customers with high-quality R&D and testing services.

Below is a video of Kexin Biotech.

About CIRS Kexin Biotech

CIRS Kexin Biotech is a professional third-party research institute. It was jointly established in 2022, by CIRS C&K Testing – a wholly owned subsidiary of the CIRS Group – and Professor Jianxin Wu, from the China Pharmaceutical University. It will devote itself to providing scientific support for cosmetic efficacy claims of cosmetic ingredients and products. Meanwhile, based on the service system of CIRS C&K Testing and the rest of the CIRS Group, CIRS Kexin Biotech is able to provide a one-stop shop for cosmetic services from product R&D to product launch.

The services include:

R&D Services

Technical support for improvement and R&D of the product formula;

Technical support for improvement and R&D of cosmetic raw materials; and

R&D consulting services.

Testing Services

Routine tests;

Safety evaluations;

In-vitro efficacy evaluations; and

Human efficacy evaluations.

Registration Services

Cosmetic product registration and filing in China;

New cosmetic ingredients registration and filing in China;

Toxicological safety assessments;

Cosmetic formula/label/raw material reviews;

Domestic responsible person services; and

Cosmetic regulatory compliance services in major countries globally.

Data Services

Regulation database for cosmetic ingredients;

Regulation database for cosmetic products;

Cosmetics formula online proofreading and error warning;

Review of cosmetic claims;

Identification of testing items;

Cosmetic safety assessment report generation; and

Relevant training and newsletter services.

*Note for non-Chinese speakers: Kexin is pronounced ker-shin.