Cosmetic Safety and Efficacy Evaluation
Cosmetic Safety and Efficacy Evaluation

According to the Supervision and Administration Regulations (CSAR), the efficacy claims of cosmetics should have a sufficient scientific basis. Cosmetics registrant and filer should publish a summary of the literature, research data or product efficacy evaluation information on the efficacy claims to the NMPA designated website for public supervision.

Cosmetic registrant and filer should be responsible for the scientificity, authenticity, reliability and traceability of the submitted summary of the basis for the efficacy claims.

Exemption of Efficacy Evaluation

Sensory recognition by the way of visual or olfactory system

-ex. cleaning, makeup removal, beauty and modification, fragrance, refreshing, hair dye, hair perm, hair color care, depilation, deodorization, auxiliary shaving. etc.

Physical effect by the way of covering, adhesion, friction

-ex. whitening, exfoliator, deep pore cleanser (labelled as having physical effect only)

Efficacy Evaluation Requirements of Cosmetics



Transitional Solutions

Cosmetics efficacy claims should be evaluated in terms of the Specification for the Evaluation of Cosmetic Efficacy Claims and a summary of the basis for product efficacy claims must be uploaded to the NMPA designated website.New cosmetics registration and filingCosmetics that have been approved or filed before May 1, 2021Cosmetics that have been approved or filed between May 1, 2021 and Dec 31, 2021
Since 2022Before May 1, 2023Before May 1, 2022



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