China Regulatory Compliance Testing
China Regulatory Compliance Testing



It is known that "Made-in-China" goes to international along with the development of China's economy.  However, the growing purchasing capability and huge market potential of China capture the attention of great numbers of foreign exporters.


As one of the largest markets, China has strengthened its quality surveillance on its market during recent years when competent authorities usually select some products on the China market for testing to check conformity. It deserves notice that accompanying measures (penalties, recalls, etc.) will be taken in case of any non-compliance. Manufacturers, importers and distributors to access China market had better send their products for testing prior to shipment. 

C&K Testing is at your service to render one-stop solutions for China Regulatory Compliance Testing of your products.

Why choose C&K Testing?

Language dominance and professionalism. As a China-based company, C&K Testing excels at product testing according to Chinese standards. Our knowledgeable experts can render you in-depth interpretation of Chinese standards and policies as participants in the establishment of some GB standards (mandatory standards in China)

Great testing capability. Equipped with advanced equipment and accredited by CPSC, CMA, CNAS and AQSIQ, C&K Testing is able to provide one-stop testing solutions for customers across different markets in the world. Our reports have international credibility, and have won widespread recognition from renowned enterprises at home and aboard. Furthermore, C&K Testing keeps on innovating in pursuit of greater testing capability.

Cost-efficient services. C&K Testing carries out material assessment to screen necessary test items and then conducts targeted testing. Based on our professionalism, we provide you with accurate testing results while effectively controlling your testing cost. 

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